Miami Triptych for iPhone


What We Love About This Phone Case

The only case MADE IN PARIS, World Capital of Fashion! Xtyle Odeon presents the Enamor Triptych Collection by French Israeli acclaimed designer Avichai Braitbart, a refine artistic selection of fashion cases for your smartphone. The Triptych collection assembles 3 different materials to bring a stunning style to your smartphone, reminiscent of the vibes in US cities. Xtyle Odeon uses the exact same fabrics and materials found in French brands of luxury handbags.

-Fits iPhone 6/6s/7/8

The majority of hats on Fehrnvi fit the average woman, size Medium, 56-57 cm. Some hats include an adjustable band in the brim of the hat to size down to a small. See individual product details for more information. 

To measure your specific size, use a measuring band to measure the crown of your head from the front of your forehead. 

How can I fix bends, dents, or even smashed hats?

The easiest way to fix a bend in the brim or a dent in the crown is with steam. A steam iron is your best friend when it comes to your hat. High heat and moisture will bring those imperfections right out of your hat and make it as good as new!

For extra help with the brim, lay heavy objects such as books immediately after the steam iron process. 

If you don't have a steam iron, you can use steam from a hot shower or boiling water. We've even had good luck fixing hats by putting them in a hot place, such as a car in the sun:) 

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